White party in honor of the great DIEGO!
For copies of these photo, e-mail Josh the image #'s you want...

IMG_6243 IMG_6247 IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6259
IMG_6262 IMG_6267 IMG_6271 IMG_6271a IMG_6271b
IMG_6272 IMG_6276 IMG_6278 IMG_6280 IMG_6283
IMG_6285 IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6294
IMG_6295 IMG_6300 IMG_6301 IMG_6310 IMG_6313
IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6321 IMG_6326
IMG_6328 IMG_6330 IMG_6333 IMG_6334 IMG_6336
IMG_6337 IMG_6339 IMG_6342 IMG_6345 IMG_6348
IMG_6355 IMG_6358 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6367
IMG_6368 IMG_6371 IMG_6377 IMG_6379 IMG_6381
IMG_6387 IMG_6401 IMG_6402 IMG_6409 IMG_6416
IMG_6430 IMG_6447 IMG_6461 IMG_6474 IMG_6476
IMG_6478 IMG_6482 IMG_6501 IMG_6535 IMG_6551
IMG_6552 IMG_6554 IMG_6558 IMG_6564 IMG_6587
IMG_6600 IMG_6619 IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6629
IMG_6631 IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6643 IMG_6651
IMG_6654 IMG_6655 IMG_6661 IMG_6673 IMG_6679
IMG_6685 IMG_6687 IMG_6703 IMG_6705 IMG_6717
IMG_6721 IMG_6741 IMG_6770 IMG_6776 IMG_6780
IMG_6785 IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6793 IMG_6813
IMG_6826 IMG_6834 IMG_6836 IMG_6841 IMG_6843
IMG_6850 IMG_6851 IMG_6853 IMG_6856 IMG_6866
IMG_6867 IMG_6874 IMG_6876 IMG_6878 IMG_6907
IMG_6913 IMG_6920 IMG_6928 IMG_6933 IMG_6935
IMG_6939 IMG_6942 IMG_6951 IMG_6954 IMG_6959
IMG_6965 IMG_6967 IMG_6969 IMG_6983 IMG_6986
IMG_6987 IMG_6997 IMG_6999 IMG_7027 IMG_7046
IMG_7052 IMG_7055 IMG_7064 IMG_7066 IMG_7078
IMG_7091 IMG_7093 IMG_7094 IMG_7097 IMG_7103
IMG_7112 IMG_7119 IMG_7128 IMG_7136 IMG_7227
IMG_7316 IMG_7327 IMG_7364 IMG_7368 IMG_7375
IMG_7378 IMG_7385 IMG_7386 IMG_7392 IMG_7397
IMG_7406 IMG_7418 IMG_7420 IMG_7424 IMG_7431
IMG_7438 IMG_7442 IMG_7444 IMG_7454 IMG_7458
IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7485 IMG_7504 IMG_7507
IMG_7527 IMG_7530 IMG_7537 IMG_7543 IMG_7592
IMG_7607 IMG_7610 IMG_7614 IMG_7616 IMG_7668
IMG_7671 IMG_7699 IMG_7701 IMG_7705 IMG_7710
IMG_7725 IMG_7726 IMG_7728 IMG_7731 IMG_7735
IMG_7737 IMG_7740 IMG_7742 IMG_7744 IMG_7745
IMG_7760 IMG_7762 IMG_7766 IMG_7783 IMG_7784
IMG_7794 IMG_7798 IMG_7833 IMG_7872